ENGLISH · 28. janvier 2020
This is how a luxurious patch can illuminate a blue jean shirt , this is a nice apparel customization , with a luxurious patch made in France with quality beads and sequins from Paris.
ENGLISH · 18. janvier 2020
How do you get the french touch with your garnment? 1. go in Paris for shopping. or : 2. order a magnificent hand embroidered fashion patch , made in France in our embroidery professional workshop. We send worlwide made to order luxurious sew on patches . please send us your wishes or project by mail . galeriedesperles.fr
ENGLISH · 05. juillet 2019
This new embroidered creation of Galerie des Perles (Gérardmer,France) is called "Forte et fragile" (strong and fragile) , this is to remind us that we must cherish and take good care of our wonderful french heritage in all times. galeriedesperles.fr @GDPGerardmer
ENGLISH · 13. mai 2019
In a welcoming veranda Frédérique Noel-Battle opened in May 2019 a new art gallery and shop ,dedicated to decoration and haute-couture jewels: the GALERIE DES PERLES in Gerardmer , a lovely family tourist place between lake and mountain. Find out more about french beaded embroidery . galeriedesperles.fr
ENGLISH · 05. avril 2019
No Paris elegance without feathers and crystals: We are proud to present this new series of brooches . Add a glamourous look to your outfits or hats , french touch guaranted !
ENGLISH · 17. janvier 2019
The embroidery workshop Noel-Battle in Gerardmer, France , is proud to present his new luxurious embroidered picture : a magnificent humming bird made with french high fashion materials. Look how the sequins glitter ...
ENGLISH · 01. mai 2018
Here is the film of a humming bird's birth,embroidered for a patch, as a special personalized order (size,color). Handcrafted by the french embroidery workshop Noel-Battle . All quotations free. Worlwide free delivery. frederiquenoel.fr
ENGLISH · 21. avril 2018
Frédérique Noel-Battle' s workshop offers you a limited series of flower brooches : spring is definitely there ! To be worn in numerous occasions,day or night. Each brooch is unique . Available at the on line shop frederiquenoel.fr free delivery worldwide
ENGLISH · 30. janvier 2018
fancy embroidered jewels, beaded work and high fashion embroidery solutions for clothes customization.